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Florida State University Horny cougars in Bensalem mn The attractiveness of a romantic partner can influence a person's desire to diet and seek a slim body, though that motivation contrasts sharply between men and women, new research has. That image is sometimes shaped or distorted by many factors, including mass media images, parents, relationships, even our moods.

Doctoral I heard girls do it better take my lesginity Tania Reynolds and Assistant Professor of Psychology Andrea Meltzer found that women evaluated as less attractive were more motivated to diet and be thin if their husbands were attractive. That extra motivation to diet, however, did not exist among women judged more attractive than their husbands.

As for men, their motivation to diet was low regardless of their wives' attractiveness or their.

The study, published in the journal Body Image, offers productive insights about relationships in which a woman fears she'll fall short of her partner's expectations. Understanding the predictors that increase a woman's risk of developing eating disorders and other health problems could lead to earlier assistance. It examined newlywed couples Find girl for sex Tylersburg Pennsylvania married less than four months, average age late 20s, living in the Dallas area -- who agreed to be rated on their attractiveness.

Each participant completed a lengthy questionnaire focusing in part on their desire to diet or have a thin body. Some questions included, "I feel extremely guilty after eating," "I like my stomach to be empty," and "I'm terrified of gaining weight.

Two teams of undergraduate evaluators studied the photos: one at Southern Methodist University in Texas focused on spouses' facial attractiveness, while another at FSU looked at body attractiveness. The evaluators varied in sex and ethnic makeup.

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Reynolds said some research has shown women tend to overperceive just how thin their partners want them to be and, as a result, may inappropriately pursue dieting and a thin body. I love you at any weight Ladies wants casual sex Mechanicville body type,'" Reynolds said.

Note: Content may be Hair pussy sex Las Cruces for style and length. Adopting a dyadic perspective to better understand the association between physical attractiveness and dieting motivations and behaviors.

Body Image, ; 48 DOI: